About Ditholo Safaris

Ditholo Safaris was established in 2006 by Ian Tolmay. He has always had a great interest in the bushveld of Africa. He enjoys hunting and appreciates the beauty and the wildlife of Africa. Ian decided to follow his heart by launching Ditholo Safaris so as to be able to give the modern hunter an experience of a lifetime. The focus is on hunting but also on other pleasures and experiences one seeks when visiting a foreign country.

Ditholo has access to thousands of hectares of wild Africa to make your hunt the most enjoyable ever.

Ian has been farming his entire live, growing corn, wheat and peanuts in South Africa, and has also operated a thriving farm engineering business. His dream became reality and he enjoys accompanying visitors on their hunts or South African getaways.

At Ditholo Safaris we take hunting very seriously since we want each of our guests to feel they have received value for their money. It's not about the money or the trophy animal only, but it's the special time spent with South Africans - our cuisine, our culture, our history. It's about enjoying nature and exploring the magic of what Africa has to offer. Ending every day at our firepits, barbecuing and gaining the calmness and strength for the coming day. We strive to make your trip unforgettable because we guarantee, you will come back for years to come.